АFP SH/DSН is a hard flexo plate specifically developed to satisfy the customers' increased demands for excellent printing quality and high durability.
The improved interaction of high mechanical stability and very good recovery behaviour makes for longer printing time between cleaning intervals. Steep relief shoulders and good intermediate depths ensure excellent printing results from the very start.
The AFP – SH/DSH is primarily used in printing flexible packaging and labels. Its real strength,
however, shows above all with jobs involving difficult tasks to be solved. No matter what the printing application may be required, the ASAHI AFP – SH/ DSH range of plates are currently the most highly developed.

The product advantages in detail:
■ Superbly balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, text and halftone elements on film, foil and coated surfaces
■ Short platemaking times and easy handling serve to improve quality and increase quantity
■ The excellent tonal range improves the printing results
■ Very good resistance to UV inks
■ The wide exposure latitude facilitates consistent results even under changing and difficult conditions
■ Steep shoulder relief and very good intermediate depths allow printing reverse elements even under difficult printing conditions
■ High ozone resistance facilitates plate storage

Plate type AFP (D)SH 1.14 AFP (D)SH 1.7 AFP (D)SH 2.54 AFP (D)SH 2.84
Thickness/mm 1.14 1.70 2.54 2.84
Hardness / Shore A 77 69 65 63
K factor 5.98 9.89 15.17 17.05
Resolution 150 lpi conventional 1 – 95% 1 – 95% 1 – 95% 1 – 95%
Resolution 175 lpi digital 1 – 95% 1 – 95% 1 – 95% 1 – 95%
Isolated line / μm 80 80 80 80
Isolated dot / μm 150 150 150 150

The AFP – SH/DSH flexo plates can be produced in all Asahi AFP processing systems or corresponding processing equipment.
The plate is exposed on the back to produce the desired relief depth and achieve maximum sensitivity to UV light. After removal of the protective film, the main exposure is carried out.
When an AFP – D(igital)SH type is used, the removal of the protective film is followed by laser imaging with a commonly available YAG, diode or fibre laser.
Then the plate is exposed, dried and finished by UVA and UVC light to ensure the optimum properties of the print-ready plate.
AFP – SH /DSH plates feature excellent compatibility with commonly used UV, solvent- and water-based ink systems.
After printing, the plates should be thoroughly cleaned. Direct exposure to sunlight and heat during storage is to be avoided.