Hell Premium Setter S1700 installation

Инсталяция системы для Установка прямой лазерной гравировки гильз Hell PremiumSetter® S1700

ReproPark lounged the printing sleeves supplements for superimposing the pixel image with high color frequency by laser engraving. The technology became popular abroad. Recently sleeves engraving technology combined with advanced engineering, make flexprint almost similar to deep offset.

"We remain committed to our principe: keep developing and suggest only the best to our customers," says the executive director of ReproPark Vitaly Kovardakov, "Many famous Russian productors had made their first step towards engraving sleeves technology, but they've been forced to order the print image superimposing abroad, as there wasn't the necessary equipment in RF area to get a high-quality sleeve 1700 mm and 2510-5080 dpi resolution, which allows to get full gradational coverage from 0 to 100%."

One of the sleeve engraving technology is that the image is formed directly on the substrate, and as a result the parent variation is installed on the sleeve perfectly, as contrasted to multistep proceeding of photopolymer plates. Beyond that, this material proceeding technology makes possible to get element of different high. Therefore there is no problem of ink spread in high lights when solid density and raster unit are reproduced simultaneously. The great advantage of this technology is runnability of the sleeve by comparison with photopolymer plate. Moreover, the raster unit doesn't change it's size from the beginning till the end of the printing run. The material of the sleeve is more resistant to ink and solvent, which allows to use them for lacquer print, primers and adhesive use. Superimposing of mock-up on the non-stitched sleeve solves the problem of joints. This gives an opportunity to get seamless engraving.