DuPont™ Cyrel DPR ( 1,14 | 1.7 )

At your request we will make photopolymer plates (flexo) on the DuPont™ Cyrel DPR ( 1,14 | 1.7 ) - the material is always available in the Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Kiev

Cyrel DPR - new digital plate for maximum print quality for all segments of the packaging industry. Cyrel DPR is designed for a wide range of substrates and inks to achieve higher levels of productivity when printing than other digital plates.

Areas of use

• Flexible packaging
• Folding cartons
• Boxes for beverages
• Labels

product Features

• Outstanding run length
• Perfect balance halftone
• Exceptional durability
• Uniformity of printing the entire run
• Form for longer stays clean
• Clear small elements
• Very low dot gain
• High resolution of exposure (as a result - a higher quality of play)
• The relief image is clean and clear
• High resistance to ozone and white light (as a result - the ability to store the products for a long time)

Compatible with printing inks and solvents

Forms Cyrel DPR provides excellent compatibility with solvent based inks, water based and some UV inks.

Description of the manufacturing process

Expose the plate through the back to create a "cap" and maximize sensitivity. Back exposure varies according to relief required. Remove the protective sheet and record the image with the Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI). Spend the main exhibition. Process the plate in the Cyrel® solvent processor to remove unexposed polymer. Spend finisher to remove residual surface tackiness.

Mounting form

For mounting forms Cyrel® DPR recommended the device mounting photopolymer plates Cyrel® Microflex. Double-sided adhesive tape should be applied to the printing cylinder or sleeve in a form for easier and precise assembly. The polyester base will maintain accurate register even for large forms.

Storage of raw materials

Unexposed plates should be stored in a cool place (4-32 ° C), away from direct heat sources. Humidity control is not required. Packages are Cyrel® DPR is foam interleaved to provide maximum protection of the plate during transportation and storage. Plates should be stored in a horizontal position. Plates should not be exposed to direct sunlight or bright white light. Avoid exposure to ozone.

Working with plates

Photopolymer Cyrel® DPR plates should be handled under UV free light; fluorescent bulbs should be covered with a special film that protects from UV radiation.

Storage of printed forms

After printing, plates should be thoroughly cleaned with compatible solvent. They can be stored on cylinders, sleeves or demounted and stored flat.

Cyrel® DPR 45 Thickness 1.14 mm Cyrel® DPR 67 Thickness 1,70 mm
Stiffness 76 Shore A 69 Shore A
Reproduction gradations 1 - 98% 60 lines / cm 1 - 98% 60 lines / cm
The minimum line width 0,050 mm 0,050 mm
The minimum diameter of the point 0,20 mm 0,20 mm
The depth of relief 0,60 mm 0,70 mm

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