Hardness Shore A plate 62 62 60 50 50 40 40 32 30 26
Analog | Digital C | D – | D C | D C | D C | – C | D C | – C | D C | – – | D
Flexible packaging v v v v v
Labels v v v v v
Corrugated cardboard - Preprint v v v v v
Corrugated cardboard - postprints v v v v v

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nyloflex® printing plates - to solve any problems
nyloflex® ACE | nyloflex® ACE Digital

Increases standards high-quality flexographic printing

• Designed for printing on flexible packaging
• The high print quality and high efficiency
• Easy to clean printing
• High resistance to solvents
• High plate run
• Ideal for IT nyloflex® NExT

nyloflex® ACE UP Digital

The highest quality printing inks water-based

• Print on aseptic packaging and corrugated cardboard (preprint), as well as label printing
• Highest quality printing and a good ink transfer, especially on papers
• Reduced susceptibility of the surface of the plate to the paper dust and dirt

nyloflex® FAH | nyloflex® FAH Digital

Plate is specifically designed for UV inks

• For high resolution printing labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons
• Good vignettes (stretching) and optimal coverage and uniformity dies
• vyvorotki remain open
• Resistant to UV inks and paints an alcohol-based

nyloflex® ACT | nyloflex® ACT Digital

Faultless for the combined print

• Ideal for halftone reproduction and dies on one wafer
• For absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
• High optical density of the plates and the minimum dot gain in halftones
• Wide range of exposure and good depth terrain
• resistant to water and alcohol inks, conditionally resistant to UV inks

nyloflex® FAR

Versatility and is designed for all kinds of substrates

• versatile standard works
• Suitable for all absorbent and non-absorbent materials used to date
• Resistance to paints to water and alcohol-based and conditional resistance to UV inks *
• Reliable, robust and easy to use

nyloflex® ART | nyloflex® ART Digital

Ideal for printing on the packaging cloth (bags, etc.)

• For high-quality printing nakorobochnom and corrugated cardboard (postprint)
• Preprint kraft papers. In no calendered papers to be tested
• High-density plates and high-quality playback of all types of securities
• uniform ink transfer, especially water based paints

nyloflex® printing plates - for corrugated cardboard (postprint)
nyloflex® FHC

Solid plate for standard post-printing work

• For a wide range of substrates
• uniform ink transfer and opacity
• Good intermediate depth with the best contour
• Tough, durable, run length
• Easy in-process
• Reduced cleaning cycles

nyloflex® FAC | nyloflex® FAC Digital

Excellent - high performance in the post printing works

• From print on uneven and rough materials, pressure-sensitive, as well as soft paper
• For complex and multi-color designs
• High ink transfer with uniform and hiding power dies
• Print corrugated cardboard

nyloflex® FCC

Robust standard for post-printing work

• Particularly for printing on rough cardboard and not calendered papers
• Ideal for retail packaging with simple design
• Very good ink transfer in combination with the uniform coverage and high optical density dice
• Extremely strong and durable material

nyloflex® FSC Digital

Soft plate for post-printing works - extraordinary rigidity in the plates

• High print quality with low rigidity and digital process
• Opaque dies at no luxury liners
• Very good ink transfer
• Economical and reliable
• run length and strength
• simplicity and convenience in use

nyloflex® printing plates - for special types of work
nyloflex® FE

Especially for printing with white paint (preprint) - designed for printing plates

• Highly resistant to esters, ketones and alcohols, as well as to print white 2-component paints (preprint)
• UV printing plate run -Colors
• High plate run in conjunction with an excellent hiding power
• problems with the rubber plates not found

nyloflex® Sprint | nyloflex® Sprint Digital

Careful approach - pure water wash

• fotoPolimernaya water-washable plate for UV inks
• No need to use solvents in solvent washout
• High resistance to UV inks and varnishes
• Quick platemaking process, about 30 minutes

nyloflex® printing plates - for finishing works
nyloflex® Gold A | nyloflex® Gold A Digital

The plate for printing and varnishing on dice aluminum-based

• Print high-resolution, and dies for selective varnishing
• A high register accuracy due to the dimensional stability of the aluminum substrate, even reprint
• Wide exposure guarantees good intermediate depths
• For the dispersion and UV varnish; paint with metallic and pearl pigments

nyloflex® Seal F | nyloflex® Seal F Digital

Plate for painting based on Polimernoy - Unique in the digital version

• For the finishing line on the offset printing machines flexo varnishing section and separate coating Ashin
• High resolution and high contrast print
• For selective and complete coating of calendered papers and paperboards
• high resistance to UV lacquers and -Colors
• high dimensional stability, thanks to a thick polyester substrate

* Resistance to UV inks is dependent on the type of ink and temperature - these factors may affect the run length of the plate and print quality.