Tasting and shaping
One of the flexprint peculiarities is that there are many specific factors that should all be under control for sake of good-quality press-sheet achievement. Those factors are: variety of substrate, paint, light curing typographic plates, technical characteristics of certain equipment, etc. That's why optimization and inner standardization of flexographic printing process are the most important things of this type of manufacturing, which requires all these factors being advised and managed in order to achieve predictable and expected result.

What's the point of tasting and shaping of printing process?

  • predictable production print result, correspondence to color probe;
  • gives an image of printing equipment capabilities (ink-offset, solid printing, halftone reproduction, ink spread, overlay accuracy, standalone dots, thin lines and text reproduction);
  • stable high-quality of print production (if conditions of standard print parameters were maintained and appropriate materials were used).

Key steps of tasting:

  • estimation of print equipment technical parameters (a customer fills up the form declaring technical characteristics of equipment);
  • preparing of taste mock-up, according to those declared characteristics;
  • test print;
  • test press-sheet (ICC profile creating for every type of material, frequency, etc., tasting report creating).

ReproPark specialist prepares steep gradient promptly. After it's ready, file preparing, file and color probe output process can be started.