Colorproof manufacturing

The group of companies ReproPark has wide colorproof manufacturing capacities to propose to its customers. We use high-quality printers and soft capable to create a faithful reproduction of your mock-up with taking in account printing profiles.

Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 is the first printer which uses white watercolor ink for flexographic colorproof. The unique formula of inks allows to print on different substrate, such as transparent or metallic surface 610 mm wide.
As this printer uses 11 cartridges, its color range is wide and allows to reproduce 98% of PANTONE catalogue.

The last version of EFI Colorproof FX is high-quality guaranteed mean for contract colorproof, which allows to make color probes with bitmarks, lines frequency and screen angular shift bespoken by customer.

Great attention we pay to obtained color probes quality control. We use hardware system based on EFI Color Verifier and X-Rate i1 for it.

Control line Ugra Fogra-MediaWedge is printed on every color probe and measured by spectrometer. Then achieved data is compared with calibrated value. The differ is esteemed according to ISO standards and fixed on the other side of color probe.