Repropark group of companies pays great attention to advanced solutions in the area of flexform industry, in order to improve print quality, constantly making perfect technologies in use.
Within a framework of ReproPark industry Innovative technologies has been introduced and worked out, which allows to step on a new stage of print quality in the pack manufacturing sector:

HD Flexo 2 technology includes use of high-quality optics and specific rasterization algorithms. This technology allows to achieve correct form of pixel and halftone density under 200 dpi where resolution is 4000 dpi, and as a result high detalization and clarity of image, which is almost equal to offset printing or photogravure. Program module turns on full-tone rasterization forming function MicroCell, which allows to advance transmission density of ink coat on full-tone element in order to achieve homogenous ink application.

Flat-top-dot flexform manufacturing type – revolutionary technology, which makes details reproduction in light tones possible. This expands contone range and creates fluent gradients with almost unrecognizable 0% transition because of flat top of the dot on the flexform and applying of specific types of rasterization.
The technology is based on resistance to oxygenic inhibition provided flexform exposure. Thanks to attaining of flat-top-dot on the print form, risk of print worker's influence on the process when pressing-on-flexform-mode changes is reduced. Stability of press-run rises and, as a result, run length raises too.

Specialists of ReproPark constantly work on capacity of flexprint technologies extending. On June 2013 firmware module Pixel+ of ESKO company, combined with The Next technology was accepted in production. This also supported the existing flat-top-dot flexform manufacturing. As a result, there was created a flexform that allows to achieve print, which is almost equal to offset printing or photogravure.