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Along with the production of flexoforms, Repropark Group of Companies provides a direct-mapping service with high resolution. This technology allows you to get high-quality molds in one step.

Repropark was the first company in the flexographic market to adopt the Hell s1700 direct laser engraving machine. In addition to increasing the production speed due to the double laser beam technology, direct engraving sleeves have several advantages over photopolymer, namely:

1. Exact positioning of the sleeve on the air shaft:

  • Exact color matching
  • The result of the reprint fully repeats the original print run
  • Quick exit to circulation

2. Seamlessness:

  • Ability to print seamless repeating designs
  • No printing vibration and noise compared to using photopolymer

3. Print run:

  • On PP, PE, PET, solvent paint: 2-3 mln. cr. / Ott. water-based paint: up to 1 million cr. / Ott.
  • On cardboard, solvent paint: up to 500 thousand cr. / Ott. water-based paint: up to 300 thousand cr. / Ott.

4. Maximum print line 175 lpi, print 2% -100% raster.

5. The ability to choose the hardness, type of material when ordering liners.

6. Ability to produce multilayer sleeves.

If a hard liner is required for printing, in order to avoid vibration when printing with a liner with high hardness, only the upper layer of the liner is made solid and the lower layer is softer.

7. There is no risk that the form will fly.

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