| Technology : HD Flexo 2, Flat-top-dot

HD Flexo 2

HD Flexo 2 technology - includes the use of high-resolution optics and special screening algorithms. This technology allows you to get the correct point shape and image lineature up to  lpi at a resolution of 4000 dpi, and, as a result, high detail and image clarity, approaching offset quality and gravure printing. The program module includes the option of forming a rasterization of a MicroCell plate, which allows you to increase the optical density of the ink layer on the spot elements and get a uniform ink roll.


Flat-top-dot flat-plate printing technology is an evolutionary technology that allows you to reproduce details in highlights, increasing the tone range and providing smooth gradients with a barely noticeable transition of 0% due to the flat top of the dot on the form and the use of special types of rasterization.

The technology is based on an obstacle to the process of oxygen inhibition when exhibiting flexoforms. By obtaining a point with a flat top on the printed form, the risk of the printer affecting the printing process when changing the pressure on-press mode on flexoforms is reduced, the circulation stability from beginning to end is increased, and, as a result, the print resistance of flexoforms is increased.

Specialists of Repropark Group are constantly working on expanding the boundaries of flexographic printing for flexible packaging. So, in July 2013, ESKO's Pixel + software and hardware module was introduced at the Repropark production in combination with Next technology, as well as supporting the existing technology for the production of flat-topped dots, the result of which was the creation of flexoforms, using which the print obtained is comparable with quality of a print at intaglio printing.