| Ecology


  In the area of ​​environmental impact management, Repropark:

  • Minimizes its environmental impact by efficiently managing the use of resources: water, energy, materials for the production of photopolymer forms, packaging materials.
  • Manages solid waste, ensuring its proper disposal and increasing the percentage of waste delivered for recycling, in accordance with applicable legal requirements; participates in the promotion of environmental packaging.
  • Takes measures to prevent potential environmental pollution
  • hazardous substances, organizing the proper storage and handling of them.
  • Carries out air pollution management activities and limits its impact on climate change.
  • Interacts with interested parties in order to find a solution to environmental problems, we openly report on measures taken in the field of environmental protection.
  • Identifies possible environmental risks and implements measures to prevent them, as well as eliminates unintended environmental pollution as a result of emergency situations.
  • Promotes the formation of environmental awareness, thinking and responsibility among the employees of the Company; encourages employees to identify and seize opportunities to improve environmental performance.