| Flexoforms

Production of photopolymer flexoforms

Repropark Group of Companies operates on all existing flexographic polymer thicknesses (0.76-6.35 mm), including water-wash plates. Water-washing plates have a thickness of 0.73-1.14 mm and can be made both on a metal substrate and on a rigid lavsan.

The maximum size of the finished printing form is 203x127 cm

The polymer is selected based on the tasks of the printing process and the characteristics of the printing equipment. Technologists of our company go for testing, specialists from the Prepress Department build a profile of the printing press on the basis of test prints, the manager assigned to the client sends the received profile and subsequently accepts applications for the production of forms.

In some cases, testing is carried out in 2 stages. Traditionally, molds are made using LAMS technology (LaserAblationMaskSystem - laser removal of the mask layer on a photopolymer). If one of the technologies for obtaining a “flat-top” raster point (Flat-top-Dot) is used, then testing is carried out in 2 stages. The Repropark Group of Companies contains all the technologies for obtaining such forms:

  • Lamination method;
  • Nyloflex NExT (exposure using high-intensity radiation - shock illumination);
  • DigiFlow by DuPont (exposure in an inert environment);
  • Kodak Flexcel NX (film lamination with the image applied to it).

Delivery of forms is carried out throughout Russia and neighboring countries.