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Quality Control

Quality control of raw materials, the quality of printing plates made of photopolymers and rubber, as well as rubber shafts is carried out by the quality control service.

  • Each incoming batch of raw materials undergoes multi-stage control, and is tested for compliance with the parameters declared by the manufacturer.
  • During the manufacturing of printing plates and rubber shafts, production control is carried out at each stage of production and final control of products is carried out in accordance with the approved regulations of Repropark Group of Companies.
  • Each product quality control point is equipped with a viewing table, and a set of measuring devices.
  • To check the appearance, a visual inspection is carried out using a magnifying loupe.
  • Residual stickiness is controlled tactilely by methods approved by photopolymer manufacturers
  • Measuring control of the geometric dimensions of printing plates is carried out using a metal ruler according to GOST 427-75. Check for alignment on the drive elements is carried out on a special table equipped with microscopes with high magnification.
  • Measurement control of the relief height is carried out using thickness gauges with an accuracy of 0.01 mm
  • Measurement control of the hardness of printing plates is carried out using portable hardness testers in hardness units corresponding to the material according to Shore A and D.