| Project management

Another unique offer from Repropark for companies regularly ordering packaging materials: a full cycle of ordering from technical specifications to printing, where all the main stages of preparing the layout, forms and impression are controlled by the repro center with minimal customer involvement in the process. Work is carried out on a specially developed on-line platform that allows all participants in the process to interact at any time.

Work on the “central repro” scheme includes the following stages of work:

  1. Repropark received designs from the studio
  2. Matching timings with the studio
  3. Color grading
  4. Approval of the layout in the Web Center system by all project participants
  5. Printing and proofing. CPU dispatch is carried out by Repropark
  6. Production of flexoforms and their delivery to print
  7. Check out the technologist to print the order

The result of such work for the studio will be:

  1. Delegation of all concerns regarding the preparation and quality control of layouts, color proofs and cliches for printing;
  2. Minimizing the risk of errors by passing an order through several stages of verification;
  3. Reducing the time for receiving the finished product simultaneously with the possibility of planning based on the time-line approved by all project participants;
  4. Get rid of the “headache” associated with the delivery of color proofs to the client;
  5. Guaranteed quality of the image obtained on packaging materials due to the direct interaction of Repropark technical specialists with the print base;
  6. Convenient system for tracking, control and storage of all project information.

Epson Stylus Pro WT790